Heal the World Organization ; Helping the underprivileged children, giving them love,care and hope

''Heal the World Organization'' is a non-profit organization which seeks to make the world a better place for underprivileged children like ; The Orphans, the Street Children, Children suffering from deadly diseases such as HIV/Aids, Malnutrition etc, the Handicapped children and children of displaced populations.
Heal the World helps in sponsoring the education of Orphans and Vulnerable children who have no education opportunity.
Heal the World helps to provide shelter to the Street and homeless children.
Food is also supplied to children in hunger.
Medical attention is also given to children suffering from severe illnesses and diseases.
Heal the World takes these children to the hospital and pay for the treatment.
Heal the World address major issues affecting children be them, Social, Political, Environmental etc. It stands strictly against Child trafficking, Child abuse, Violent against children, the violation of the rights of a child etc.
Presently, there are 3700 Orphans and vulnerable children in critical conditions registered under Heal the World organization for help. So far, I am helping 71 of these children.30 of the children are living with me and I am sponsoring their education while also extend help to the other to the others, giving to them study materials, food, medical attention, clothing etc.
I have reduced my meals to one plate a day so that the children dying of hunger and starvation out there may be able to have at least a meal a day from the little I can share with them. It is very sad that children born free and equal are suffering which they do not deserve it. Nature is also crying for the suffering of this category of people who are innocent. It is time for us to join our hands together and make a change.

There is always need for help. A good number of these children want to go to school but there is no means. They need sponsors.
Some of the children are in poor health condition ( HIV/Aids from their late parents, Malnutrition, Malaria etc) they need medical attention and treatment in the hospital but have no one to care after the bills.
Many of the children are roaming the streets and sleeping in the cold in the night because they are homeless and have no where to go.
Some of the children because of hunger and starvation are losing their lives. There is no one to provide food for them. They need food.
Most of these underprivileged children are exposed to violent and dangers as some of them are falling prey to kidnappers, child traffickers, child labor , child abuse and exploitation.
They all need a save roof where they can call home.

The most pressing need for these children is finances to start sending some of the children to school
-To send the profound ill health cases to the hospital for medical attention and treatment
-To arrange rooms to accommodate some of the children sleeping in the cold on the streets.
-To buy and supply food to the children dying of hunger and starvation and also to provide them with clothes because most of the children wear rags in the name of clothes.

Any form of support will do a lot for these children. The children are always very happy and grateful with all their hearts for every support they get.
The support will improve on the living conditions of the children, change their lives and prepare a better future for them and in return the children shall bare good fruits ( becoming lawyers, teachers, doctors, pilots, engineers etc as most of the children have as their dream)
and also learn from your example of sharing to help other children who shall be facing the same conditions like they did.

Lets join our hands together to heal the world and make it a better place. Thank you very much for reading and taking the bold step to do something helpful to the underprivileged children.
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Molyko Buea